Haute Tots

A sweet message

Nothing makes me happier in my business than when I hear from our customers and they share their Haute Tots experiences with us.  It really means so much to know that families enjoy our products.  Recently, I received an email that made me smile and I wanted to share a part of it with you.  It read:

"Our little guy continues to LOVE your hats, in fact, they are the only hats he doesn't rip off his head:)"

How sweet is that?!  It is so lovely that this mom took some time out of her day to share some joy with us.  There were 2 photos attached of her adorable son Graeson that are now on our website home page and I will post on our facebook page too.  Be sure to take a look...they are just too cute:) And, if you have a story that you'd like to share with us, please do so by emailing us at info@hautetots.ca