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Haute Pops are on their way!

Here at Haute Tots, we are proud that we have a wide selection of hats for almost the whole family.  You know that we have Haute Tots hats for girls, boys and mamas, but what about the dads?  This is a question that we have heard time and time again from our fans.  Well, we are thrilled to announce that we are bringing in Haute Pops!!!  It is an uber hip style and, as with all Haute Tots, blends function and fashion!   We are happy to be offering the new style to both Haute Pops and Haute Tots boys.

Announcing Haute Tots Headbands!

We are so excited to announce the latest addition to the Haute Tots line-up!  This season’s must have look is The Haute Headband!  Whether walking to school, hanging with girlfriends, or rockin’ the runway, your little fashionista will be stylish, hip and super cozy in this new look.

Trendsetters Alert! 

How to Wear It:

Wear it with the back under the hairline and let your daughter’s sleek straight locks, curly tresses or ponytails flow through the band.  Alternatively, pull it down overtop of the hair and ears for that fashionable and functional fall flare!

Photographers that we love!

Here at Haute Tots, we have been very lucky to work with some incredible photographers.  As I’m sure you know, getting great shots of children is not an easy task.  We have worked with the best in the business and wanted to share our experiences with you!


The photos that you see on our website are done by Heather Ward.

A New Season!

What an exciting time it is!  I’ve always viewed September as a time for new beginnings.  You know, a time to set goals, restructure schedules, and make positive changes.  This is especially true here at The Haute Tots Studio.  There is just so much happening, especially as we swing into full gear for autumn’s return!  A new website, new blog, new product, new colors, and new creative studio all have us pumped for the new season.  There is more to come from Haute Tots and we are so excited to share with you as soon as we possibly can!

New Website Launch for Haute Tots

Welcome to the new Haute tots website!!! I am so excited to have this new and wonderful site thank you so much to Calvin at Bionic Entrepreneur!!!!!!! and to Nicole at www.mallybibs.com for recommending  Bionic Entrepreneur.



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