About us

Haute Tots was born out of a passion for fashion. Founder, Angela Schroeder has a creative mind and a love for expression through color, trends, and style!  When Angela was expecting her first child, she was an Art and Fashion Studies teacher and taught her students to design, sew and crochet their own individual looks to express themselves. This combined with the birth of her first baby was the inspiration that started Haute Tots. 

Having her own fashion-based business allows Angela to do what she loves; research the “hautest” looks and colors each season.  The goal is that when moms put so much effort into finding the perfect coat, or outfit, Haute Tots is sure to coordinate.  The entire line has complimenting pieces that can be worn by all family members for a seasonal photo.  Not only are they a must have for an adorable picture, Haute Tots hats are designed to look cute for everyday wear.  Be it school or playground, Haute Tots is a perfect fit. Mom is happy because ears are covered and kids are happy because they are wearing their favorite hat…cute and covered! 

Haute Tot’s timeless classic style is known as the go to baby gift.  Moms love them as keepsakes and are even creating memory boxes with baby’s first shoes and first Haute Tots hat.  Then, they come back with each growth spurt for the next size up knowing they can rely on the luxury, quality and style.   Some moms return for their child’s favorite color that they wear every year, others prefer to find a brand new color combination that comes with each change in season.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now Instagram are all great places to keep up with Haute Tots’ numerous styles in the “hautest” colors each season.   


Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions!